Mapping For Kingpin Using Windows XP 

Part #1 - Installing Necessary Files

Before setting up Kpradiant for the first time there are a few files required to make it work correctly on Windows XP. These can always be found at in the downloads section but here are the direct download links (correct at the time of writing this): -

Unzip both files and place them in your kingpin/kprad folder, overwriting the kingpin.def file with the new version you just downloaded (if you are unable to open the zip files, Winzip is available freely from

Part #2- Setting up Kpradiant

Now open up Kpradiant and depending on if you have opened it before skip the next few steps: -

The first screen you will see is preferences, my personal choices are as follows: -

After clicking Ok you have a choice of loading a project file, you need to choose kingpin_fix5.qe4 and do not build and load a default project file.

If you have used Kpradiant before now then donít panic, just go to File and Load project.., choose your kingpin_fix5.qe4 from here and restart Kpradiant.

There is only one other step I would consider taking, and this applies to all users of Kpradiant not just first time userís. Kingpin automatically changes the gamma of textureís in game by brightening them 50%, this makes it almost impossible to see what your doing when working in the Editor. To get around this you need to click on Misc on the top menu, then Gamma... Enter a value of 0.6, click ok and restart Kpradiant.

You should now be good to go, if you encounter any problems or would like something included in this file I can be contacted from the details at the bottom.



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