Map Maker, Map Maker, make me a map!  Hehehehe, Yup it's true folks....Xatrix kinda rushed our favorite pastime out the door with only a handful of multiplayer maps,  and those were ripped straight out of the single player game to boot!  Fortunately for all of us, however, the fans have come through in a big way and Kingpin-Life of Crime now boasts literally hundreds of quality user made maps for your fraggin pleasure :)  MOST of them are available for download right HERE on our site,  and we encourage you to grab 'em all!  But what about those of you who are just now getting around to wanting to learn the old ".bsp" trade huh? Well, that's what WE are here for!!!  Rather than attempt to "re-invent the wheel" however, think of this page as your "LINK H.Q." for all things MAPPING.  As we grow and discover more useful information, we will add it to this page.  In the meantime, let your "fingers do the walking" and may the learning process begin!

The KP4EVER Mapping Tutorial Zips  Loads of individually zipped tutes that explain various mapping techniques!  It's all about the tool for making the maps of the game!

Q2 tutes by Ricebug   While not KP specific, these provide basic info for a new mapper.

ArghRad  Once again, not KP specific, but good basic information.

Kingpin Development Community  A Lighting Tutorial!

WASTELANDS  Tons of tutorials to be had here!

TANX  Lots of good info for the newbie mapper even though there are plenty of missing jpegs in the ads LOL!

Of course, it goes without saying that we at KINGPINFORVER are always looking to accept and archive ALL Kingpin related material.  If you have any information regarding map making or anything else KP related - PLEASE submit it to us and we will get it up online and available for the fans!