KINGPIN FOREVER's Download Area  

Everything is arranged by categories and should be relatively easy to locate. If you have difficulties, then drop by the main website at KingpinForever for additional information.

File Sections      Category Description
Custom Maps      Add-on maps to expand the single and multi-player experience.
Custom Skins      Tired of that same old costume, change skins... We have over 5000+
Game Modifications      New and various game modes (aka MODs) that expand the Kingpin experience.
Miscellaneous      Odd-ball items, and other miscellaneous files.
Modelling      Tools to help create custom player models.
Official      Important update/patches from Xatrix/Interplay.
Other Games      Kingpin items being used in other games
Player Models      Tired of being a bitch, thug, or runt? Lots of new player types available.
Textures      Think your new map needs a fresh texture? Grab some from here!
Utilities      Various utils and tools for improving your KP experience.

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